16th Coalition Theory Network Workshop

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04-02-11 to 05-02-11
Event format: 
The next Coalition Theory Network (CTN) Workshop will take place in Marseille, France, June 17-18, 2010. This workshop will present the state of the art of theoretical and empirical aspects in coalition/network formation and matching.

Since its creation the CTN workshop has witnessed the rapid growth of coalition and network theory, as well as the development of matching theory. In the recent years these fields have gained maturity and proved being capable to tackle deeper issues in Economics. These changes fostered the introduction of new techniques and modelling choices, which in turn allowed scholars to explore new questions. Few would say that coalition, network or matching theory have not gained maturity during the last decade. For these reasons the next CTN workshop will be aimed at providing a lively environment prone to debates and discussions among researchers.

To this end, it has been decided to go back to the initial format of the CTN, i.e., a two-day workshop where speakers have time to introduce and present in details their recent works. We thus plan to have about 14 presentations, of about 45 minutes each, and giving time at the end of each presentation to discussions and comments.

Guest speakers are:

Andrea Galeotti (University of Essex, UK)
Lars Ehlers (Université de Montréal, Canada)
Francis Bloch (École Polytechnique, France).

There remains a few available slots for the workshop program. Authors who wish to present their work at this workshop or scholars and students who wish to attend (without presenting) should send an email to ctn2011@uab.es.

Developed by Paolo Gittoi