1st AMSE Summer School - Recent advances in Search and Matching

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02-07-19 to 04-07-19
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The 2019 AMSE Summer School covers recent theories and empirical approaches that economists have designed to study search and matching in labour, housing, online and other markets.

Various forms of imperfections or “frictions” characterise most real-world transactions. In labour markets, frictions can explain unemployment and wage inequalities. In real estate, complexities in the matching of buyers and sellers can have important effects on housing prices. These are some of the key applications of search and matching models in economics. During the three days of the Summer School, students will get rigorous and in-depth exposure to the most recent theories and empirical methods in the field. Lectures will be given by leading experts in search and matching models: Jan Eeckhout (Universitata Pompeu Fabra and University College London), Pieter Gautier (University of Amsterdam), Bruno Decreuse and Christian Schluter (Aix-Marseille University).

This year’s summer school should be of interest to graduate students or academics who want to expand their knowledge in this thriving area of research and to practitioners who want to familiarize themselves with the key issues affecting markets with frictions. Faculty is available to discuss research projects and ideas and to provide feedback throughout the three days of the Summer School.

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