7th Summer School on Climate Change and Behavioural Change

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25-06-19 to 28-06-19
United Kingdom
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Climate change poses the greatest threat to future generations that urgently needs a concerted effort by policy makers, businesses, individuals, and the scientific community. Given the significant effect of human behaviour, economics, psychology, philosophy and behavioural science play a key role in assessing and designing policies that mitigate the effects of human activities on climate. The main purpose of the summer school is to bring together perspectives from a variety of disciplines and introduce participants to novel methodologies and policy challenges of tackling climate change.

The Summer School is targeted at postgraduate and PhD students from the fields of economics, psychology, philosophy, environmental sciences, and social policy, as well as the general audience from the public and the private sectors who are interested in these topics. The School will take place at University of Warwick, United Kingdom. It will feature series of lectures by distinguished economists, psychologists, philosophers and behavioural scientists who have made significant contributions to these fields. The school will also be a platform for conversation among the lecturers and other participants with ample opportunities for discussions.

For more details please contact: Behavioural Science Group Office at: summer.school@wbs.ac.uk

Organizers: Tigran Melkonyan, Daniel Read and Zvi Safra (Warwick Business School)
Co-organizers: Linda Donovan and Mandeep Tutt (Warwick Business School)

This will be the seventh annual Behavioural Science summer school held by Warwick Business School (WBS).

Keynote Speakers and Faculty

Matthew Adler Duke University School of Law
Ann Bostrom School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington
John Broome Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
Robert Chambers Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
Nick Chater Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
Graciela Chichilnisky Department of Economics, Columbia University
Astrid Dannenberg Department of Environmental & Behavioural Economics, University of Kassel

Peter Hammond Department of Economics, University of Warwick
Stephen Lewandowsky School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol
Daniel Read Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Information for Participants

Participants will pay a token participation fee of £250.00 to cover lunches, two dinners, refreshments and one half-day activity (to be confirmed).

Participants are responsible for booking their own travel. Accommodation is available at Warwick Conferences Arden for a fee of £560.00 for 4 nights including breakfast (check in Monday 24th June 2018, check out Friday 28th June 2019). Please note accommodation is limited. Please book as soon as possible.


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