Alberto Prati

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Current Affiliation: 
Aix-Marseille School of Economics
Fields of interest: 
Labor economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics
Olivier Chanel, Stéphane Luchini
PhD dissertation title: 
Time in Economics: Essays from a Well-Being Perspective
My dissertation addresses different aspects of the relationship between subjective well-being and recall biases. It is structured in five articles. The common thread of the first three articles is the concept of hedonic recall, which states that people recall information differently according to their current level of satisfaction. I start by exploring the consequences of hedonic recall on the estimation of the effect of income on well-being (chapter 1). The following two chapters are devoted to hedonic recall for the two typical arguments of the utility function in welfare analysis: income changes (chapter 2) and price changes (chapter 3). The last two chapters are work in progress. Chapter 4, co-authored with Charlotte Saucet, experimentally investigates why positive feedback is more likely to be recalled than negative one, by disentangling the role of self-enhancement memory and mood-congruent memory. Chapter 5, co-authored with Claudia Senik, concludes, by exploring people’s capability to recall their past level of well-being, through the analysis of individual panel data and a longitudinal laboratory experiment.

Keywords: memory, subjective well-being, experiments, time preferences

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