CTN sessions at PET 2018

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06-06-18 to 08-06-18
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The Association for Public Economic Theory will organise the International Conference on Public Economic Theory (PET 2018) at the College of Economics - Hue University (HCE) – Hue city, Vietnam on June 6th -8th, 2018. As a tradition, the Coalition Theory Network organises some sessions within the PET conference programme.
CTN encourages the development and the circulation of new research on network theory, coalition theory and group formation. Straightforward application of such theories is important in both economical and political areas, such as the study of international negotiations, the analysis of coalition formation in parliaments and the cabinet formation, the cartel stability in various industries, difussion and information transmission, and finally, group formation in various sociological environments.

Abstract submission is March, 1st. All submitted abstracts will be subjected to a review process. Authors are required to submit the abstracts to pet2018@hce.edu.vn and to Agnieszka Rusinowska (agnieszka.rusinowska@univ-paris1.fr), in charge to organise the CTN sessions. 

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