Issue No. 26 Autumn 2016

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Save the date 
CTN 2017 in Glasgow, UK on 11-12 May

Next CTN Workshop will be held on May 11-12 2017 in Glasgow, UK. Confirmed Key-note Speakers: Yann Bramoullé (Marseille), Arun Chandrasekhar (Stanford), Bhaskar Dutta (Warwick). Stay tuned!



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CORE Nobel Talks: Jean TIROLE
As part of 50 Days @ CORE,  a Nobel Talk with Jean Tirole, Nobel Laureate in Economics will take place at CORE. His lecture on "Moral Reasoning, Markets and Organizations" will take place on October 18, 2016. Read more



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Social Interactions, Norms and Development
The Conference organised by NES-CSDSI is featuring leading international experts in the field of economy and social relations: Larry Blume (Cornell), Steven Durlauf (Wisconsin-Madison), Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur).
Read more ›


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The dynamics of conflict. Technology, hegemony, balance of power and buffer states
Marcin Dziubiński, Sanjeev Goyal and David Minarsch
In a recent paper we propose a simple model to study the dynamics of conflict. Our analysis illuminates a number of strategies and concepts in international relations and military history.  Read more ›



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Segregation and the Perception of the Minority
Florent Dubois, Christophe Muller
Cities can always become integrated if individuals benefi t enough from their interactions with members of the other racial groups.  Read more ›


Gale-Nikaido-Debreu and Milgrom-Shannon: Communal interactions with endogenous community structures
Daniil Musatov, Alexei Savvateev, Shlomo Weber
This paper examines Nash jurisdictional stability in a model with a continuum of agents whose characteristics are distributed over a unidimensional interval. Communal benefits and costs of each individual depend on her identity and the composition of the community which she belongs to.  Read more ›

Justice Under Uncertainty
Elena Cettolin, Arno Riedl
Uncertain outcomes are an inevitable feature of policy choices and their public support often depends on their perceived justice. We theoretically and experimentally explore just allocations when recipients are exposed to certainty and uncertainty.  Read more ›

Strategic party formation on a circle and Duverger’s Law
Ronald Peeters, Rene Saran, Ayşe Müge Yüksel
Duverger’s Law states that plurality rule tends to favor a two-party system. We study the game-theoretic foundations of this law in a spatial model of party formation and electoral competition.  Read more ›

Working paper
Existence of Share Equilibrium in Symmetric Local Public Good Economies
Anne Van den Nouweland and Myrna Wooders
In this paper we consider questions related to the existence of share equilibrium and we derive a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of share equilibrium in symmetric economies.  Read more ›

Working paper
Exploring the Community Structure of Complex Networks 
Carlo Drago
Regarding complex networks, one of the most relevant problems is to understand and to explore community structure. In particular it is important to define the network organization and the functions associated to the different network partitions.  Read more ›

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