Oligo Workshop 2017: Optimal Firm Behavior and Game-Theoretic Modeling of Competition

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01-06-17 to 02-06-17
Event format: 
The Oligo Workshop 2017 will be devoted to optimal firm behavior and game-theoretic modeling of competition. It will be held in Moscow, Russia, at the New Economic School

Researchers and PhD students are invited to submit papers for presentation at the workshop.

Submissions from all areas of microeconomic theory are welcome, including (but not limited to):

 Price and quantity competition

 Differentiated products and imperfect competition

 Platform competition and two-sided markets

 Dynamic models and timing issues

 Collusion, cartels and mergers, entry

 Externalities and environmental issues

 Auctions, procurement

 R&D, contests and tournaments, advertising

 Aggregative games, potential games, zero-sum games

 Networks

 Principal-agent models, strategic delegation

 Law and economics: corruption, intellectual property

 Information in imperfectly competitive markets

 Behavioral theory of consumer choice and competition

 Experimental analysis of markets and strategic interaction

 Numerical and computational approaches

The keynote speaker is Professor Jacques-François Thisse (Université Catholique de Louvain).

Papers should be submitted via conference website by February 22nd, 2017. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by March 31st, 2017.

The Oligo Workshop will be held at the New Economic School, Moscow, starting in the morning on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 and finishing in the late afternoon on Friday, June 2nd, 2017.

The regular conference fee is €150 (€75 for PhD students) covering snacks and drinks at the venue and the conference dinner.

For more information see workshop website: http://conference.nes.ru/oligo2017.


Program Committee:

- Luis Corchón, Carlos III University, Madrid, lcorchon@eco.uc3m.es

- David Ettinger, Université Paris-Dauphine

- Christian Ewerhart, University of Zurich

- Sergei Izmalkov, New Economic School, Moscow

- Marco Marini, Sapienza University of Rome

- Attila Tasnádi, Corvinus University of Budapest


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