On importance indices in multicriteria decision making

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M. Grabisch, Ch. Labreuche and M. Ridaoui
European Journal of Operational Research
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Volume 277, Issue 1, 16 August 2019
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We address the problem of how to define an importance index in multicriteria decision problems, when a numerical representation of preferences is given. We make no restrictive assumption on the model, which could have discrete or continuous attributes, and in particular, it is not assumed that the model is monotonically increasing or decreasing with respect to the attributes. Our analysis first considers discrete models, which are seen to be equivalent to multichoice games. We propose essentially two importance indices, namely the signed importance index and the absolute importance index, both based on the average variation of the value of the model induced by a given attribute. We provide several axiomatizations for these importance indices, extend them to the continuous case, and finally illustrate them with examples: classical simple models and an example of discomfort evaluation based on real data.
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