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Articles authored by researchers who are part of the Coalition Theory Network and published in international reviews are displayed in this section.


Johannes Emmerling, Ulrike Kornek, Valentina Bosetti, Kai Lessmann
Tags: Environment
R. Pablo Arribillaga, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme


Ganga Shreedhar, Alessandro Tavoni, Carmen Marchiori
Antoine Mandel, Solmaria Halleck Vega, Dan-Xia Wang
Tags: Environment
Michel Grabisch, Alexis Poindron, Agnieszka Rusinowska
Doruk Iris, Jungmin Lee, Alessandro Tavoni
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Andrey Meshalkin, Arkadi Predtetchinski
Francesca Larosa and Jaroslav Mysiak
Tags: Environment
Francesca Larosa, Jaroslav Mysiak
Tags: Environment
Eun Jeong Heo
Leonidas Paroussos, Antoine Mandel, Kostas Fragkiadakis, Panagiotis Fragkos, Jochen Hinkel and Zoi Vrontisi
Tags: Environment
Antoine Mandel, Xavier Venel
Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
Luca Paolo Merlino, Max Friedrich Steinhardt, Liam Wren-Lewis
Tags: Matching
Philippe Bich
M. Grabisch, Ch. Labreuche and M. Ridaoui
Takashi Hayashi, Michele Lombardi
Dominik Karos, Shiran Rachmilevitch
Stefano Carattini, Simon Levin, Alessandro Tavoni
Péter Bayer, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ronald Peeters, Frank Thuijsman


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