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Job market candidates

The aim of this section is to showcase the work of PhD candidates working in one of the CTN Partner Institution, who are close to their PhD thesis and are getting ready for the job market. The CTN promotes the exchange of job market candidates for mock interview days and seminars across member institutions so as to improve the PhD candidates' preparation for the market.

PDF icon CV (122.52 KB)
PDF icon PhD dissertation (153.5 KB)
Fields of interest: Environmental, natural ressources and energy economics, energy shift, spatial economics.
PDF icon CV (83.42 KB)
Fields of interest: Coalition theory, Game theory, Network theory
PDF icon CV (203.64 KB)
Fields of interest: network science, climate change adaptation, innovation diffusion, climate policy
PDF icon CV (119.85 KB)
Fields of interest: Labor economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics
PDF icon CV (107.52 KB)
Fields of interest: Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Game Theory
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