From theory to application

There is an ever-increasing body of research whose aim is to apply the results obtained in theoretical models and to help policy makers. Vice versa, there is no doubt that we have much to learn from the practical study of real-life problems.

We encourage researchers to submit short contributions (about 1000 words) whose aim is to link up science with the real world. The CTN Secretariat is available to refer accepted works to targeted contacts of interested stakeholders.

For more information, please contact the CTN Secretariat


Péter Bayer, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ronald Peeters and Frank Thuijsman
Flip Klijn
Jérôme Dollinger, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch
Paul Belleflamme, Thomas Lambert and Armin Schwienbacher


Matteo Zavalloni, Meri Raggi, Davide Viaggi
Suzi Kerr, Steffen Lippert and Edmund Lou
Anja Prummer
David Zetland


Sven Christens and Astrid Dannenberg
Monica Anna Giovanniello
Matt V. Leduc, Matthew O. Jackson, Ramesh Johari
Antonin Macé and Rafael Treibich


Alia Gizatulina, Olga Gorelkina
Rod Garratt
Tags: Matching
Florent Dubois, Christophe Muller
Marcin Dziubiński, Sanjeev Goyal and David Minarsch
A. Marcel Oestreich
Tags: Environment


Ingrid Rohde
Johannes Emmerling
Sergei Izmalkov


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