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NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions (CSDI)

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The NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions was set up under the academic leadership of the world-renowned economist Shlomo Weber. The Center began its activities on July 1, 2013, focusing on research into the theoretical and empirical aspects of social interaction in a heterogeneous society (such as Russia’s) with various types of cultural, ethnic, geographic, religious, genetic, economic, historical and regional diversity. Special attention is paid to regional challenges in Russia for the purpose of encouraging balanced development, inclusive growth and prudent social policies across a country that has such an extremely heterogeneous terrain, climate, population, and labor market.

The main objectives of the Center are: implementation of research, dissemination of disseminating research results, planning the participation of NES’s teaching staff, research staff and students in the Center’s scientific activities, international integration and the development of developing international scientific relations within the framework of ongoing research activities.

To achieve these objectives the Center performs the following functions: it conducts basic and applied research in the field of the study of diversity and social interactions; organizes and holds conferences, research and training workshops and schools; invites and organizes the participation of non-resident and foreign researchers, young scientists and students in events held in the Center; engages young scientists, graduate students and students of the NES and other universities in scientific work and research activities; prepares scientific publications, monographs and other works based on the results of scientific research; cooperates with Russian and foreign universities in the direction of research, participating in outreach activities conducted by these universities; builds up and maintains the database for empirical research.


Local Research Team

Shlomo Weber (Local co-ordinator)
Professor of economics, New Economic School, Russia
Academic Head of the Center for Study of Diversity and Social Interactions, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia
Research fields: game theory and political economy, public economics and economy of the former USSR

Ruben Enikolopov
Professor, Rector, New Economic School, Russia and CEPR Research Fellow
Research fields: empirical analysis related to political economy, economics of mass media, development economics and corporate finance.


Sergei Izmalkov 
Associate Professor of Economics, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia

Research fields: Public Economics, Game Theory, Microeconomics, Auction Theory 

Daniil Musatov
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and New Economic School, Moscow, Russia

Research fields: computational complexity, Kolmogorov complexity, game theory, spatial economics

Alexei Savvateev 
ALCOA Foundation Assistant Professor of Economics and Outreach Center Director New Economic School, Moscow, Russia
Research fields: Game Theory, Public Economics, Spatial Economics .


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