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The Partnered Core of a Game with Side Payments

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Working paper
Philip J. Reny, Eyal Winter and Myrna Wooders
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Vanderbilt University
An outcome of a game is partnered if there are no asymmetric depen- dencies between any two players. For a cooperative game, a payoff is in the partnered core of the game if it is partnered, feasible and cannot be improved upon by any coalition of players. We show that the relative inte- rior of the core of a game with side payments is contained in the partnered core. For quasi-strictly convex games the partnered core coincides with the relative interior of the core. When there are no more than three partner- ships, the sums of the payoffs to partnerships are constant across all core payoffs. When there are no more than three players, the partnered core satisfies additional properties.
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