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Three CTN sessions at PET 2018 Hue

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At the 2018 Public Economic Theory conference (PET 2018), that will be held at Hue University (HCE), Vietnam from 6th-8th of June, three CTN sessions will be hosted.

Papers and presenters of CTN sessions at PET 2018:

Tax Evasion on a Social Network - Duccio Gamannossi degl’Innocenti
Modeling Contagion by Aggregation Functions  - Michel Grabisch 
Bargaining Foundation for Ratio Equilibrium in Public Good Economies  - Agnieszka Rusinowska

Default and punishment with systemic risk  - Alfred Duncan
Own experience bias, discrimination and prejudice  - Myrna Wooders
Complementarity and Information in Collective Action  - Stefano Barbieri

Endogenous Formation of Multiple Social Groups  - Ngoc-Minh Nguyen
Group Conflict: Impact of Within and Across Group Inequality on Link Formation  - Pritha Dev 
Financial Transfers, Compliance Technology and Climate Cooperation  - Steffen Lippert


PET 2018 is available here

31 May 2018
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