Transfers to Sustain Core-Theoretic Cooperation in International Stock Pollutant Control

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Working paper
Marc Germain, Philippe Toint, Henry Tulkens and Aart de Zeeuw
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This paper (CORE Discussion Paper n° 9832) was initiated as part of the research project ”Caract`ere ad´equatdesengagementsetapplicationsconjointes: deuxmodalit´es-clefdelamiseenoeuvredelaConvention de Rio sur les changements climatiques” (project 7-29039) financed by the Fonds de D´eveloppement Scien- tifique of the UCL. It was completed as part of the subsequent research project ”Changements climatiques, N´egociations internationales et Strat´egies de la Belgique” (CLIMNEG), financed at UCL by the Belgian Government (Services du Premier Ministre, Services f´ed´eraux des Affaires scientifiques, techniques et cul- turelles (SSTC). The fourth author’s contribution was made possible thanks to the Human Capital Mobility programme ”Designing Economic Policy for the Management of Natural Resources and the Environment” (CHRX CT93) of the European Union. The authors gratefully acknowledge from comments from Claude d’Aspremont, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Pierre-Andr´e Jouvet, Philippe Michel and Yurii Nesterov.
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