Vanderbilt University - Department of Economics

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The Vanderbilt University node consists of several members of the Department of Economics, all with interests in game theoretic approaches to the study of coalitions, networks, and more generally, the effect of group activities on socio-economic outcomes. Of particular interest to the Vanderbilt team are questions of the effects of group activities in models of trade, industrial organization, law and economics, inequality, social choice and welfare, and public economics.



Local Research Team

Myrna Wooders (local coordinator)
Professor of Economics, Vandebilt University

Research Fields: public economics, game theory, microeconomics


Andrew F. Daughety 
Professor of Economics & Professor of Law

Research Fields: Industrial Organization, Law & Economics, Microeconomics


Eun Jeong Heo
Assistant Professor of Economics

Research fields: Microeconomic Theory, Social Choice


Jennifer Reinganum
Professor of Economics & Professor of Law

Research Fields:  Industrial Organization, Law & Economics


John A. Weymark
Professor of Economics

Research Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Social Choice, Public Economics

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