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19th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications

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16-06-20 to 19-06-20
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The 19th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, a four day conference, will be held in Porto, Portugal, June 16-19, 2020. The four day technical program will consist of plenary sessions, invited sessions, and presentations of contributed papers in several topics on Game Theory and its Applications.


The topics include, but are not limited to the following:

​​​Onésimo Hernández-Lerma

Onésimo Hernández-Lerma

  • Dynamic games and applications
  • Mean-field games
  • Repeated games
  • Stochastic games
  • Learning and adaptive games
  • Mechanism design
  • Evolutionary games
  • Cooperative equilibria
  • H-infinity control and robust controller designs
  • Theory of optimal control and dynamic games
  • Numerical methods and computer implementation of game models
  • Dynamic bargaining
  • Pursuit-Evasion games
  • Dynkin's game and its applications
  • Search, encounter and inspection games
  • Application of dynamic games in fields such as
    • networking (telecommunications, transportation...)
    • economics and finance
    • management and marketing
    • environment, energy and resource management
    • biology
    • social sciences


Plenary Speakers

Onésimo Hernández-Lerma

Onésimo Hernández-Lerma


Steve Alpern

Steve Alpern
Warwick Business School
United Kingdom

The International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications is a biennial professional event. The first one was held in 1984 in Haifa, Israel. It was followed by meetings in Williamsburg, USA (1986), Antibes, France (1988), Espoo, Finland (1990), Grimentz, Switzerland (1992), St. Jovite, Canada (1994), Kanagawa, Japan (1996), Maastricht, The Netherlands (1998), Adelaide, South Australia (2000), St. Petersburg Russia (2002), Tucson, USA (2004), Sophia Antipolis, France (2006), Wroclaw, Poland (2008), Banff, Canada (2010), Byšice, Czech Republic (2012), Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2014), Urbino, Italy (2016), Grenoble, France (2018).


Co-chairs of the program committee and organizers

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