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Since August 2015 Burak accepted to represent Maastricht Department of Economics in the CTN partnership.
09 September 2015
Online open course
How do networks form, why do they exhibit certain patterns, and how does their structure impact diffusion, learning, and other behaviors? The course, that will be held by Prof. Matthew Jackson of Stanford University from September 18 to November 22, will provide an overview and synthesis of research on social and economic networks, drawing on studies by sociologists, economists, computer scientists, physicists, and mathematicians.
15 July 2015
John F. Nash Jr. and his wife Alicia were killed in a car accident on Saturday in New Jersey. The couple were returning home by taxi from the airport after a trip to Norway, where Dr. Nash and Louis Nirenberg, a mathematician from New York University, had received the Abel Prize from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.
25 May 2015
Call for Papers
Dynamic Games (DG) offer a natural paradigm to study numerous problems in different areas ranging from economics and management science to engineering and social sciences. Realistic models in these fields are in general analytically intractable, and their treatment requires the use of numerical methods to obtain reliable approximate optimal strategies for the players, which can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time.
25 May 2015
New partnership
The Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow has officially joined the Coalition Theory Network in March 2015. The CTN Board welcomes the new member Prof. Anna Bogomolnaia.
30 April 2015
A beautiful set for a successful workshop. Thanks to all presenters for their contribution!
08 April 2015
UniCredit & Universities Foundation, launches the fifth UWIN Best Paper Award competition, aimed at all young economists and researchers from the 17 countries belonging to the geographical area of UniCredit.
31 March 2015
New book
"A beautiful dozen. Twelve papers presented in 20 years of meetings of the Coalition Theory Network (CTN). Twelve seminal contributions to the theory of coalitions and networks. Not necessarily the twelve best papers. Certainly many other excellent papers have been presented and discussed in these 20 CTN workshops. Nevertheless, these papers well represent the story of the Coalition Theory Network, from the origins to the various evolutions in these 20 years"…
19 March 2015
The Game Theory and Computation Group aims of melting together two complementary aspects of the interactive decision making. On one side, the aspect of studying and modeling interactive situations, on the other side the more applied issues of studying computational tools to deal with specific classes of problems.
11 March 2015
The final programme including downloadable papers is now available at the 20th CTN Workshop webpage. Registrations are closed.
02 March 2015


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