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The Permanent Itinerant Game Theory Seminars (PIGS) are a series of informal periodical seminars and workshops, part of the CISEPS Research Program “Behavior and Rationality”.
06 November 2017
This month two young members have become part of the CTN Scientific Board and local co-ordinators of their institutions' CTN teams.
25 October 2017
The Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, assignes each year the Moskowitz Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding quantitative research in sustainable and responsible investing.
12 October 2017
The next CTN Annual Workshop will be hosted by Maastricht University, Department of Economics on 5 - 6 April 2018. The call will be launched in October. Stay tuned!
04 September 2017
CES and CORE are partners in ExSIDE, a Training Network launched in January 2017 which combines different scientific approaches for studying Expectation and Social Information Dynamics in Economics. This provides manifold options for the design of individual research as well as on non-academic careers and on founding own start-ups.
03 September 2017
The Final Programme of the 22nd CTN Workshop is now online
26 April 2017
Constanze Binder, Burak Can and Ulle Endriss are the organisers of the Dutch Social Choice Colloquium series. The next meeting, to be held on Friday the 21st of April in Amsterdam, will take the form of a special session in honour of Kenneth J. Arrow.
30 March 2017
Kenneth J. Arrow, one of the most brilliant economic minds of the 20th century and, at 51, the youngest economist ever to win a Nobel, died on Tuesday at his home in Palo Alto, California. He was 95.
23 February 2017
This Special Collection is devoted to publishing the latest significant research results on Social and Collaborative Networks design, analysis and management. During the last two decades, there has been a remarkable increase in research attention to networks which fostered the domains of applications and gathered research in the exchanging of knowledge on methods and models. Moreover, the increased availability of large databases and big data analysis opportunities have enabled the description of emergent phenomena as well as communities and collaborative patterns between networks’ members.
02 February 2017
JEBO will publish a special issue on Psychological Game Theory gathering frontier related research. Relevant topics include: basic theory; experimental tests; applied work, and, reflections on the field.
26 January 2017


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